Do I need some special clothes in Kaliningrad?
Written by Administrator You do not need something special. Just the same clothes you wear back home. You also do not need to take a suit or evening dress to visit our theaters. You can go there in your casual clothes.
How is the weather in Kaliningrad?
Written by Administrator It is normally warmer in Kaliningrad than in St.Petersburg and Moscow. The average temperature in July is 20-25C during the day time and in January 0-5C during the day time. Please contact us and we will inform you about the forecast for the period of your stay. You can check the following website for the weather forecast in Kaliningrad: Gismeteo
Should I bring something special with me?
Written by Administrator. Kaliningrad has well-stocked super- and hypermarkets. You will be able to find everything you need in the stores in Kaliningrad.

Arrival and First Day

How will I find the school?
Written by Administrator. We will show you the way from your accommodation to the school on the first day of your study.
How will I recognize the person meeting me at the bus/train station or airport?
Written by Administrator You should look for the placard "PRIVET! Russian Language School! Just for case put down the cell phone of Anton Domozhirov (School Manager): +79062188722. Please, dial this number if you could not find the person meeting you or any of your flights (trains, busses) are delayed on your way.
I will fly to Kaliningrad. Will you organize a transfer from the airport?
Written by Administrator Yes, we will pick you up at the airport. Please note that we can also organize transfers from Warsaw airport, which effectively might be cheaper than a direct flight to Kaliningrad. We will also pick you up from Vilnius, Gdansk, and Klaipeda (airports, ferry terminals, train stations).
What will happen after I arrive?
Written by Administrator After you arrive we will drive you to the accommodation you've chosen. We will also stop by the bank so that you will be able to get some Roubles. We will also show you the center of the city a little bit.

Corporate program

Can "Privet!" organize a corporate program of Russian for employees and members of their families, companies, consulates, etc., in Kaliningrad?
Yes, we can and we know how to do it. We have developed schemes enabling to combine various forms of tuition in a group or individually, at daytime or in the evening. Corporate programs of Russian language allow for your preferences on time, length, forms, and contents of tuition to the fullest extent. We offer very competitive prices and special discounts. Please contact us for details.

Long-term courses

Renting an apartment for a long term students
I would like to come to your school for a longer period of time, perhaps for three or four months, but I need my own apartment to put up at. Will I be able to rent an apartment in Kaliningrad? How much is it going to cost? If you stay for four weeks or longer, we will rent an apartment for you based on your prior description and preferences. The price will depend on the number of rooms, furniture condition, location, and duration of the rent, usually ranging from 130 to 200 euros per week. The longer the stay the lower the prices.


I would like to prepare and take a First Certificate Russian test.
You may wish to get prepared for and take a First Certificate Russian test. Our teachers of Russian have extensive experience of preparing students for various tests within the frames of the State Russian Certification System (ALTE member - Association of Language Testers in Europe). They will lead you through the preparation course efficiently. The most effective schemes in this case would be either an individual course or a group/mini-group Russian course combined with additional individual lessons. At the end of the preparation course, you will have a chance to take the appropriate test in the premises of the Immanuel Kant Russian State University.