Jul 05 – Jul 23 2010

I am very pleased to attend the course and to choose the “PRIVET!” school was really the best choice. Before I came to Kaliningrad I had a lot of questions and Anton was always very quick with responding. During our e-mailing I realised the staff might be nice, helpful and friendly. I also took my dog with me and Anton did all the best to find a suitable place for living. And he completely succeeded. Thanx Anton :-) :-) :-)

I started out as a beginner and now after 3 weeks I can say I have learnt a lot. The teachers are very nice, very friendly and they have a lot of patience. At the beginning I was worried about understanding them but they know how to explain the grammar in easy way. If you don’t understand something they use good methods and they are willing to explain things till you understand. The teachers also give you a lot of material including grammar and reading exercises.

The school is small but cosy and you feel like a past of the “PRIVET!” family”. Also the groups are small which is very positive because everybody is given an opportunity to get most out of each class.

Everybody is great so thank you very much to the “PRIVET!” family”. 

СПАСИБО!! :-) :-) :-)

P.S. I would like to recommend less information in such short time, maybe more grammar exercises including speaking when it comes to difficult part of grammar. :-) As I said I’m very satisfied at all. :-)