Do you need the Russian language training? Would you like to learn Russian with native speakers and to immerse into Russian language?

Please check out our on-line Russian course via Skype! Learn Russian on Skype without leaving your home!

Russian Skype lessons

Since December 2005, we offer a new individual on-line course of Russian language with experienced teachers of the Russian Language School PRIVET!

You will not have to leave your own house to intensively learn Russian online with our teachers.

Russian Language School PRIVET! has developed a special methodics which will help you to make fast progress in studying Russian grammar and developing your speaking abilities!

We aprobated our methodology with hundreds of students so that you can learn Russian on-line most efficiently!


The on-line Russian course is based on the IT-program Skype which can be found at Skype.

Downloading Skype is free.

Talking to us though Skype will be free for you, too.

  • You will also need headphones and microphone to learn Russian on-line.
  • You will communicate with the teacher supplementing it by chat and file exchange.
  • The program and schedule is flexible to suit your preferences and needs. 
  • Of course, the on-line Russian course is particularly suited to advance conversational skills, although it also allows working on grammar, writing, vocabulary, etc
  • You will learn Russian on-line on the same principles as you take them in Kaliningrad: one academic hours is 45 minutes.
  • First lesson is going to be free for you.
  • If you like that opportunity to continue learning Russian Language you will be able to get additional lessons for 13 euros/hour. You will be able to use our cumulative discount for your online lessons. 
 Russian courses on-line
Please contact us to find out more about your Russian course! Please include your preferences about the amount and time of lessons in the letter.

On-line mini-group Russian courses on Skype:

  • Do you have no time to travel? 
  • Do you plan to visit Russia but need a Russian language course to refresh your Russian language skills?
  • Would you like to attand a Russian course with your friends or husband or wife without leaving home?
  • Should we find a mini-group partner for you?
Please tell us your Russian level and we organize the on-line Russian language course in a mini-group for you.
Here you find our Russian language test. Please fill it out and send it back to us.

Our on-line Russian language course in a Mini-Group on Skype makes learning Russian language without leaving home possible! 

We offer:

  • Russian language courses for all levels.
  • One on-line lesson in a mini-group takes 45 minutes and costs 7 Euro per person. 
  • We create an individual lessons plan for your mini-group course.
  • Our suggestion is two lessons on two days (morning, noon or evening) weekly.

Please contact us to receive more information about your on-line Russian course! And learn Russian language in a Mini-Group on-line effectively!

Here you find our Public Offer for the Russian courses on Skype.