Learn Russian online at Russian school in Russia.

Russian courses on Skype at Russian school PRIVET! - one-to-one and group courses!


  • You will also need headphones and microphone to learn Russian online.
  • You will communicate with the teacher supplementing it by chat and file exchange.
  • The program and schedule is flexible to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Of course, the online Russian course is particularly suited to advance conversational skills, although it also allows working on grammar, writing, vocabulary, etc.
  • You may choose Individual Skype lessons or our Group Russian course online.
  • First online lesson is free for you.


Russian courses on Skype for every Russian level - for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced!


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  Learn Russian online at Russian school in Russia.

The online Russian course is based on the IT-program Skype which can be found at Skype. Downloading Skype is free.

Talking to us though Skype will be free for you, too.


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