Do you miss Kaliningrad? Dreaming of a live language course?

We have great news: All Covid restrictions on entry into Russia will be cancelled from July 15!
It means you may come to Kaliningrad by bus or by car with our study visa!
There are currently no direct flights from Europe to Russia, and getting to Moscow or St. Petersburg is not easy. But buses Gdansk - Kaliningrad run every day, so our students can come to Gdansk (Poland) and take a bus (only 150 km) to Kaliningrad. At the moment, this is the easiest and cheapest way to come to Russia for a language course. The atmosphere in Kaliningrad is calm and relaxed, the weather on the Baltic coast is fine and sunny. And we are again happy to welcome our students to the Russian Language School "PRIVET!", Kaliningrad, Russia.

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