There are trains going to Kaliningrad from other cities in Russia through Belarus and Lithuania.

The overnight train Berlin – Gdansk – Kaliningrad is cancelled now, and while we are looking forward to have it reinstated again, there is a direct flight Berlin – Kaliningrad operated by AirBerlin and there are also other trains going to Kaliningrad from the mainland Russia:

Moscow – Kaliningrad (via Minsk and Vilnius)

St. Petersburg – Kaliningrad (via Vitebsk and Vilnius)

Sochi – Kaliningrad (via Tuapse, Krasnodar, Rostov, Voronezh, Bryansk, Smolensk, Minsk and Vilnius)

Chelyabinsk – Kaliningrad (via Samara, Syzran, Penza, Tula, Smolensk, Minsk and Vilnius)

Please, visit the website of Russian Railways for the timetable, route plan, price and availability information.