26 January – 16 February 2013

Concerning my stay in the school and with Ludmilla it is too obvious that it was very content that I think that I do not need to repeat my compliments. Years ago when I was invited to a conference in St.
Petersburg (my first time in Russia). I felt very embarrassed not to be able to read at least one Cyrillic letter, an alphabet of a language used in such a big country as is Russia and I thought that it is a
pity that we did not learn at school Russian together with English, Russian, the languages of the largest country of Europe, our own continent.

Besides of the fact that the school is able to make possible whatever you want, even lessons on Saturday and Sunday asked for "last minute", etc. I appreciated mainly the method with two specialized, competent and very patient teachers, one for the pronunciation, Inga, and one for the grammar, Olga. Thus it was possible to insist right from the beginning in correct pronunciation by a professional teacher. Olga was able to explain grammar rules in such a clear way to make you see that these rules are logical. Once understood this, thanks to the experience and skillfulness of Olga, learning the Russian language becomes similar to learning to play music.

Staying with Ludmilla was a real pleasure. She is a very cultured person and we had as well good laughs together. She is a good guide for Kaliningrad. We did sightseeing walking through the town. Her flat is very clean and tidy and very well heated. Her breakfast was excellent with good Kasha with fresh apples, bread with cheese, sauccise, tomatoes, eggs and tasty tea.

For me Kaliningrad has something in common with St. Petersburg. The Tsar took the best architects of Europe to built his town, and the administration of Kaliningrad, to build it up again, took the best of everything of the whole world, even the best ice cream, the best shopping centers with the best brands of whatever it is, as well the best quality for the surface of the highway to the airport etc.

I appreciate very much the respect there is for the history of this town with the well cured restoration of the buildings of the German past and I find that the integration with modern architecture was successfully done. Of the few modern sculptures I saw in my short time in Kaliningrad, my favourite is the one for the astronauts. I like the way how space is used in relation between this enormous circle, man, sky, and trees. All together it is like an excellent choreography.

I am impressed by the still healthy hierarchy of values you have with low prices for what is essential in life: food, rent, public transport; and by the organization to keep the shops open 24/7, and having minibuses, which give you the liberty to decide where to stop them without being forced to use imposed bus stops, which is really great-, all this to meet the necessities of the people and make life easier.