Калининград находится в центре Европы. Вы можете доехать до нас на своём авто!

У Калининграда есть "аван-порт", раположенный в г. Балтийск (Пиллау). Несколько европейских городов связаны с Балтийском паромным сообщением.

This is a very popular service in Kaliningrad - taking a minivan to and from Germany and Benelux. There are dozens of these small coaches running between the city and Europe every day.

There are regular schedules for destinations in Poland, Germany and the Benelux countries and occasional 'upon request' schedules to other destinations in Europe.

Калининград связан автобусным сообщением с многими городами Евросоюза.

There are trains going to Kaliningrad from other cities in Russia through Belarus and Lithuania.

You may well travel to Kaliningrad by plane. There are planes to Kaliningrad both from International and Russian airports.