This is a very popular service in Kaliningrad - taking a minivan to and from Germany and Benelux. There are dozens of these small coaches running between the city and Europe every day.

There are regular schedules for destinations in Poland, Germany and the Benelux countries and occasional 'upon request' schedules to other destinations in Europe.

They can deliver you and your luggage from the doorsteps of your house directly to your host family or other places of accommodation in Kaliningrad. As a rule, the minibus arrives at the train station of your city and then it can pick you up and your luggage from your home.

Please inform us in advance of your wish to use this type of transportation. We will order the trip for you. The tariffs are generally rather low and depend on a destination point. Tariffs for central and eastern parts of Germany are lower; tariffs for France are a bit higher. Usually it takes 12-24 hours to get to Kaliningrad (e.g. 12-14 hours from Berlin; 24 hours from Brussels).

Please note: Minibus is not as comfortable as, for example, train. Minibus will definitely make stops on its way but you will not be able to walk as you can in the train. Usually a Minibus picks passangers up in the evening and arrives to Kaliningrad after a night-drive.
Please, contact us to learn about the availability and actual prices.