Feedback 2013

18 July – 29 August 2013

Dear everybody at ПРИВЕТ!

For me it was no surprise to see once again, that I did right, choosing your school for individual lessons during my stay in Kaliningrad. I already knew from two earlier periods of staying here, how perfectly reliable and obliging you are. I really enjoyed the excursions, too.

But, to conclude, more than ever I felt the significant assistance of the individual lessons you offer in my aim to improve my Russian. До свидания!

UK - Austria
10 August - 07 September 2013

I would highly recommend the Привет (Privet) language school to anyone interested in improving their Russian. After 4 weeks of lessons I can confirm that the teaching is excellent, small groups are definitely small (my class varied from 3 students to just me) and teachers were happy to look at topics we were particularly interested in. I enjoyed staying with the host family arranged by the school - food was great and accommodation was very comfortable and within walking distance of the school. The weekend trips were interesting and well organised and they did their best to accommodate any special requests for destinations etc. I hope to come back next year!