Oregon, U.S.A. 



To potential students of "PRIVET!"

From Sept. 22, 2003 to October 13 (3 weeks) I was a student of the "PRIVET!" Russian Language School. I was met at the Kaliningrad airport by a school representative who spoke excellent English.

The school has found me reasonably prices rooms in a guest house in a nice neighborhood close to good transportation. I was very pleased with the accommodations. Included in the tuition were two excursions outside the city and a city tour. Due to starting after the "seasons" for classes, I had a private tutor, Marina. She was very patient with me. Being 77 years old, I do not learn as fast as a 20-year-old student. I speak Spanish, French and German, but Russian is more difficult. I had actual hours (5 class hours) of instruction a day. Now I can say and read enough Russian to find my way in any Russian-speaking city and I felt quite comfortable in Kaliningrad.

I recommend the school to others, as I have been quite satisfied.