Summer School July 2005 10. July - 31. July 2005

My stay in Kaliningrad was quite simply one of the best holidays I have ever had. Before I arrived I did not know much about either the city or the school, but almost immediately realised I had made a good choice in deciding to study Russian with Privet in Kaliningrad. I stayed with a friendly host family in a house about three minutes walk from the school. The accommodation and food were good, the location superb.

I found the classes to be both challenging and enjoyable. I was encouraged to speak Russian as much as possible and found that all my language skills had significantly improved by the end of the course. The quality of teaching was first rate, both professional and friendly.

Besides going to classes I saw a good deal of the Kaliningrad region. The school organized a number of trips to various interesting locations in the area. In addition the school helped me to meet some local Russians so that I could practice speaking and have someone to show me around the town. I came to really like the city. Of course it has some ugly buildings, but for the most part it is pretty and with lots to do.

Everyone at Privet obviously cares about the students who come to Kaliningrad. It is for this reason, more than any other, that when I go on my next Russian course I will come back to Kaliningrad to study with Privet.