8. June - 18. July 2005

I have really enjoyed my stay in Kaliningrad, mostly because Privet has been a wonderful place to study. Inga is an amazing, patient, compassionate teacher, and I was very pleased to work with her. The facilities of the school are also exceptional. I think that the greatest advantage of Privet is its small size and informal atmosphere. Thank you so much for all of the personal attention and all of the help you gave me during my time here.

My suggestion for improvement are few as for the most part everything was exceptional. The initial excursions were, however, somewhat unstaunched that is, the excursions (that took place before there were many students). Perhaps a tentative itinerary for the trips (departure time, approximate duration, time of meals + type (picnic or restaurant), and projected return time) could be posted on the refrigerator. Also, a one-page introduction to the destination city (with fun facts, statistics, history, and a list of things to do might also be good - perhaps it could even be incorporated into the group program lessons.

That suggestion is minor, of course. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay!