14.08.2005 – 27.08.2005

My overall impression of the school was very good. My teachers (Irina, Inga and once Marina) were motivated and good, even if I was a difficult student.

The organized excursions with Sergej were outstanding. He is the great guide with the enormous knowledge of the region Kaliningrad.

I was extremely positively surprised by the student’s apartment. I did not expect that much luxury. Still I have a few remarks regarding two subjects.

  • The test in the beginning and the choice of tandem partner. The test in the beginning does not show, whether the problem of the students are grammar or vocabulary. A test of two parts, one with grammar and easy vocabulary, the other with easy grammar and advanced vocabulary, perhaps gives a better impression of the student’s knowledge. I was a bit disappointed, that after the test we still were in one group, although the levels regarding grammar and vocabulary were completely different.
  • The second point is the choice of the tandem partner. With my first one I had nothing in common and the meeting was frustrating for both of us. The second one I met unfortunately only three days before I left. But we had the great time together. My suggestion is to ask both students and Russian tandem partners three simple questions:

- What are your main interest? (only two or three subjects)
- What do you expect from the partnership?
- What is your level of knowledge in Russian respectively English/German/…?

With this information in a simple data base it will be easier to find a good tandem partner at once.

As mentioned before, the overall impression of the school is good. And I will recommend “Privet” to everybody who wants to learn Russian language in Russia. I liked it here very much, both in Kaliningrad and at the school. I am sorry, I have to leave already. Perhaps I come back.

Thank you all.

A special thanks to Irina, the director. She made everything very easy during the stay and regarding the travel. Thank you.