13.11.2005 – 19.11.2005

My original target was to brush-up my almost non-existent Russian-language a bit and specially learn batch of Russian-phrases that would help my everyday-life when travelling around the country. After the one week intensive first level grammar studies, I was convinced that I got lot more.

Even I first argued that I do not need so much grammar, but just sentences how to order tickets, hotels, meals, etc...I was wrong to note that by understanding the basic grammar, the language started open and develop. Not so much progress in speaking, but more in understanding and picking up the words from spoken and written Russian. This is somehow different than what I have experienced in other languages such as German or English. Unfortunately, at this moment I do not have so much time to Russian studies, but I try to utilize every visit in Russia as much as I can.

The arrangement for studies, transportation and accommodation were well organized and teaching was very professional, 1st class, thanks to Marina. For excursions and cultural events I do not have much to comment due to my limited experience and time there. However, I see the understanding of local culture as important as a language itself, thus cultural events are very important part of learning language. Living at the host family was nice and convenient. Hospitality of the host family really ensured that there was no way to loose weight during the stay. Also, it was a good opportunity to get deeper insight for the society, manners and values.

As mentioned earlier, I am interested in to continue my Russian studies in your net-school, hoping that the implementation of the program will be early next year. Please, keep me informed. I assume that I would have some two hours (time in net connection) per week to use for Russian language studies for six months periods at the time. Thank you very much once again and my warmest regards to everyone! All the best for the future!