8. June 2005 – 18 July 2005

The course was very well organized and the staff was very professional. The excursions were excellent and very informative. The accommodation was of an excellent high standard as were the greatest in the school. It was very good that the school is able to arrange it is regard to people’s wishes or their profession.

I feel that more information on next mail be involved in the course, is for beginners, could have been given on the web-site. It may also be a good when if in the office there are photos with names of the stuff and what their position is. Overall I think that the Course has been excellent and will recommend it. I also felt that my teacher Inga was very patient with me, has an excellent approach to her job. It appears that nothing is too much trouble for you guys. The tandem partner was also good, but perhaps trying to match people with similar interests, should it taken into amount more. Many thanks Richard Amos