02.10.06 – 12.10.06


Dear PRIVET school,

Thank you very much for the wonderful 2 weeks that I have spent here.

I wish to thank the most patient and well-prepared teachers I’ve ever met: it shouldn’t be easy for them to see how slow the comprehension process of some of their students could be.

I would like to thank Irina for the beautiful Opera-evening and for the wonderful trip to the Куршская Коса. Her knowledge of not/poisonous mushrooms is incredible.

Well Ilya, unfortunately there is anything that I disliked. Actually if I have to say the truth, I felt the lack of a reading-room in the school, a room where one can do his homework, consult a dictionary or various grammar books or even for the most advanced students magazines or newspapers in Russian and other languages.

Большое Спасибо!