17.09.2006 – 29.09.2006


Impression of Kaliningrad:

I liked the city very much. The people are very friendly and there is very much to see.

Impression of school:

The courses are very good. I think I learned a lot and I'm now prepared to work for myself. I think that I will come back next year.

The teachers are very structured and arrange the level very well. Many thanks to Olga and Marina!

The organization of the environment was also perfect. Thanks to you!

Impression accommodation:

The apartment was nice. I haven't missed anything. The location was fine, it was very close to the centre and driving 'Marschrutka' was a nice experience for me. Natascha and Sergej has been very watchful and always asked if I need any help. Many thanks to them also.

Impression Minibus:

Driving Minibus was OK, unfortunately it took much longer than I have expected (18h), basically because of the border control. I think next time I will come by plane or train.

Overall it was a perfect vacation for me. I learned much but also had much fun. I met many very friendly people in school but also outside and I enjoyed it very much!