05.05.2007 - 25.05.2007

Thank you very much again for organizing my stay in Kaliningrad and thanks for the hospitality! The language school was a great place for intensifying my Russian. I appreciated very much the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Marina and Inga seem both to be very experienced teachers with new teaching methods promoting communicating skills in Russian. I think it's really important for learning Russian to set the focus on speaking - of course with taking grammar to a certain amount into account as well. After my three weeks stay I feel enormously motivated and I guess a high motivation is really crucial especially if a language is as complicated as Russian.

It was great to meet the other students even it's of course some kind of a disadvantage to speak any other language than Russian. Well, I guess only if students came from very different places there would be a tiny little chance that they really used Russian to talk with each other.

All the excursions were very interesting!

My host family was really nice and I found the hospitality amazing.

I guess with your very detailed and useful webpage many other learners of Russian will get in touch with the school and I hope you have many guests from all over the world in the future.p

Thanks again for everything!!!