April – June 2009

Dear Members of PRIVET! Russian language school!

Thank you very much for the excellent lessons I got, as well as for the opportunity to join your great excursions and for the many favours!

I really enjoyed spending my time at your place, always meeting other students to talk to, being offered biscuits and hot drinks and – if necessary – a helping hand.

Before the time that I came to Kaliningrad, I spent 1,5 year trying to learn some Russian at my University, at evening courses and by myself. Never was I as satisfied as during my stay in Kaliningrad, taking individual lessons at PRIVET!. I got to know different teachers, all of whom were very friendly and professional. The explanations, i.e. grammar, vocabulary, “mental” topics, use to be profound and helpful. I came to terms with chapters of Russian language I though I’d never learn, like Genetiv Plural, verbs of motion or prefixes. Moreover I feel much more apt to express myself in Russian since we were talking a lot during the lessons. Of course, learning a language never comes to an end, but at your school I reached more than I dared to expect. I hope to be able to come back one day soon. Let me once again say thank you and wish the very best to all of you and your kin!

I enjoyed my stay in Kaliningrad very much. I can only recommend “PRIVET!” Language School.

Yours, Svenja