10 June – 30 June 2012

I very much enjoyed my stay in Kaliningrad at the Russian Language School PRIVET!
Anton gave me a lot of good advice on planning my trip and making the necessary arrangements.
I was happy that accommodation was so close to school. I got beautifully along with my hostess Lidia.
Most of all I am grateful for two wonderful teachers: Inga and Olga. Not only did they give excellent guidance into secrets of Russian language, they also let me into the Russian way of life, by telling stories of every day events and also about the way life was before. Truly enlightening!
I also very much enjoyed the excursions arranged by the school. In three weeks I got to see much more of Kaliningrad area then I expected, following expert guides Oleg and Sergei, and in great company of fellow students,
Thank you all for making my trip to Kaliningrad a memory that will last a lifetime!