Feedback 2012

07 August – 20 August 2012

I’ve been twice in Kaliningrad at the PRIVET! School. I’m positively impressed about the perfect and friendly organisation and the professional skills of the teachers. I strongly recommend the PRIVET! School to anybody who would like to learn or improve the Russian language.
Kaliningrad is a small town. On weekends you’ll have the opportunity to join the guided tours organised by the school and you’ll learn a lot about the history of this area.

18 August – 31 August 2012

Contact with the school’s manager (Anton) by mail excellent.
Level of education – very high.
Teachers – very friendly, professionals, helpful, focus on your needs, great atmosphere.
Lessons – in very small group of students, very interesting not only a Russian language, also a history of Russia. literature, culture etc.

03 September – 14 September 2012

Everything was perfect, the organisation, the language courses as well as the excursions.
I appreciate the professionalism of the managers, teachers, and guide as well as their kindness.
I would like to thank all of you for these two weeks, which were pleasant, useful and interesting.
Спасибо большое!

До свидания!

До скорого!!

02 September – 16 September 2012

The teachers are very good, very motivated and очень симпатичные!

The organization and correspondence was perfect and so was also our apartment! Special thanks to Anton!

Furthermore we’d liked the excursions – they were very interesting and full of information!

We’d had a great stay and learned a lot.

We can and we will recommend your school!


Большое спасибо!

Миша :-)

26. August – 09. September 2012

Ich besuchte die Sprachschule „Priwet“ in Kaliningrad für zwei Wochen Ende August Anfang September dieses Jahres.

Die Atmosphäre in der Schule ist ausgesprochen freundlich und familiär. Die Unterrichtskräfte gehen mit Engagement vor und verschaffen sich auch mit Hilfe von Tests einen Überblick über den jeweiligen Leistungsstand ihrer Schülerinnen und Schüler.

27 августа – 08 сентября 2012

С 27-ого августа по 8-ое сентября я находился на курсах русского языка в школе "Привет!".
Я многого ожидал от этих курсов, потому что посетить эту школу мне порекомендовала очень опытная преподавательница русского языка из Австрии. Но то, что я увидел на этих курсах, превзошло все мои ожидания.

24. September – 08. Oktober

Ich wurde vom Manager Anton vom Flughafen empfangen und die Direktorin Irina hat uns zur Gastmutter Lidia mit dem Auto hingebracht. Der erste Eindruck war, dass die Wohnung sehr sauber und gepflegt ist. In der ersten Woche hatte ich nur 4 Stunden Unterricht am Tag. Daher habe ich in der nächsten Woche weitere 6 Stunden genommen, weil ich gemerkt habe, dass mir viele Grundlagen der Sprache fehlen. Das Wetter in Kaliningrad war sehr wechselhaft von kalt, heiß bis regnerisch alles dabei. Durch das viele Essen, was Lidia täglich gekocht hatte, habe ich mindestens 5 Kilo zugenommen. 

26 January – 16 February 2013

Concerning my stay in the school and with Ludmilla it is too obvious that it was very content that I think that I do not need to repeat my compliments. Years ago when I was invited to a conference in St.
Petersburg (my first time in Russia). I felt very embarrassed not to be able to read at least one Cyrillic letter, an alphabet of a language used in such a big country as is Russia and I thought that it is a
pity that we did not learn at school Russian together with English, Russian, the languages of the largest country of Europe, our own continent.

04 November – 01 December 2012

If you're serious about learning the Russian language, Privet school of Russian is an excellent choice. From the instructors, to the location, to the style of teaching, it will be difficult to find an opportunity to learn Russian faster and more effectively. Additionally, they make it very comfortable and simple to arrive in Russia. Having never been to Kaliningrad, I was nervous about simple things like getting to/from the airport and how to handle the VISA process...etc. Privet school picked me up and dropped me off from the airport and guided me through the entire VISA process. Therefore, there was nothing to worry about... I was just focused on learning Russian.