Oregon, U.S.A. 



To potential students of "PRIVET!"

From Sept. 22, 2003 to October 13 (3 weeks) I was a student of the "PRIVET!" Russian Language School. I was met at the Kaliningrad airport by a school representative who spoke excellent English.

St.Gallen, Switzerland,
December 2003

Environmental Sanitation Specialist, jonathan.hecke@skat.ch


About "PRIVET!"

I will try to give you some comments on Privet and Kaliningrad. Difficult task, because it is - an adventure!

Privet is a small, not very formal School. The owner/leader, Irina Vinokurova (speaks only little English, but always has nice people like Evgenia, Pavel, Sergej etc. around her to translate), and all her co-workers and teachers showed to be very, very service-minded and were open to all my suggestions and requirements.

29 March - 18 April 2003


I would like to thank everyone who made my stay in Kaliningrad such a rewarding experience. Special thanks go to Irina, the Director of the Russian Language School PRIVET!, Marina, my Russian language teacher, and Tatiana, my tandem partner.

Irina and her staff at PRIVET! efficiently organized my stay in Kaliningrad, and I enjoyed an excursion to the Curonian Spit an several evenings at the theater.