29 March - 18 April 2003


I would like to thank everyone who made my stay in Kaliningrad such a rewarding experience. Special thanks go to Irina, the Director of the Russian Language School PRIVET!, Marina, my Russian language teacher, and Tatiana, my tandem partner.

Irina and her staff at PRIVET! efficiently organized my stay in Kaliningrad, and I enjoyed an excursion to the Curonian Spit an several evenings at the theater.

Marina's education and years of experience as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language were clearly evident. First she evaluated my ability to speak Russian. Then she developed a lesson plan that effectively focused on my language needs. My Russian language lessons were interesting and the study materials were varied. Tatiana was a charming and enthusiastic guide and a wonderful companion. I am glad that I got to know Irina, Marina and Tatiana in Kaliningrad.

As a result of good organization and a lesson plan designed specifically for me, I was able to complete 100 individual lessons in 3 weeks. The combination of formal, structured lessons with Marina and informal, unstructured conversations with Tatiana made it possible or me to gain renewed confidence, and a higher level of competence, in my ability to speak Russian. My only regret is that I did not schedule more time at the Russian Language School PRIVET! I hope to return some day, and the next time I will plan to say longer.

I recommend the Russian Language School PRIVET! in Kaliningrad to anyone who is interested in learning Russian in Russia. Being totally immersed in the Russian language and working with caring people who are genuinely interested in your progress is a great way to learn to speak Russian.