14.01.2007 – 04.02.2007

My experience at Language School PRIVET! Was most enjoyable and productive. The administrative and teaching staff were friendly, competent and professional, and the learning atmosphere was of highest standards. Each classroom was organized to best accommodate small group and/or individual instruction.

The students’ apartment was clean and well stocked with cooking utensils, washing machine, television, DVD player, and even a selection of DVD movies. Equally as important was its location – right around the corner from he school. This was especially helpful to me, since I attended during mid-winter.

USA – Chicago
12.01.2007 – 4.02.2007

I have studied in Kaliningrad at the Privet School twice: once is June 2004 for four weeks and in January 2006 for three weeks. My Russian has improved tremendously. I have increased my ability to speak Russian and not just memorize grammar. A chief benefit of studying at Privet is that Kaliningrad is a manageable city. Public transportation is very reliable and the school and student apartment are an easy walk to the center of the city. You wont hear English on the streets (maybe a little German or Polish) so if you are a native English speaker like I am you are given many opportunities to converse – in the grocery store, on the bus, or in the theatre.

06.01.2007 - 20.01.2007

Niveau der Schule „PRIVET“ ist meiner Meinung nach sehr gut.

Ich, als Studentin die wiederholen wollte Russisch im Alltag, habe das bekommen. In der Schule waren es vielfältige Übungen und Aufgaben. Die Informationen zu Sprache und Landeskunde waren für mich auch sehr interessant.

Der Familie – Marina und Anatoliy – habe ich mich wohl gefühlt.

Die Stadtexkursionen, Museumsführungen und Theaterbesuche haben dafür besorgt, dass ich mich nicht Gelangweilt habe.

Wünsche euch alles Gute!

Tatiana Leyrouz

05.05.2007 - 25.05.2007

Thank you very much again for organizing my stay in Kaliningrad and thanks for the hospitality! The language school was a great place for intensifying my Russian. I appreciated very much the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Marina and Inga seem both to be very experienced teachers with new teaching methods promoting communicating skills in Russian. I think it's really important for learning Russian to set the focus on speaking - of course with taking grammar to a certain amount into account as well. After my three weeks stay I feel enormously motivated and I guess a high motivation is really crucial especially if a language is as complicated as Russian.

8.05.2007 – 27.05.2007

I fully enjoyed staying in Kaliningrad and studying at Russian Language School PRIVET! Lectures were adjusted to my needs and were given by teachers experienced in teaching Russian to foreigners.

Accommodation and condition in the school are satisfactory.

Weekend excursions helped me to understand cultural and natural values of Kaliningrad region. Kaliningrad is a very secure city where I felt home.

Thank you.


03.06.2007 - 09.06.2007

I enjoyed my stay in Kaliningrad very much – the staff of PRIVET was very friendly and helpful.

My accommodation (apartment) was excellent: clean / modern and conveniently located.

The lessons were very good and improved my Russian language skills considerable, although I stayed in Kaliningrad only for one week. I found single tuition somewhat more effective but also more challenging than group tuition which is probably due to the fact that in single tuition you have to talk all the tame.

03.06.2007 – 10.06.2007

I am very impressed with PRIVET Russian Language School in Kaliningrad.

It has been my pleasure to spend this week learning more of the Russian Language + seeing some sights. The driver for touring was “the best”.

I would highly recommend studying  at PRIVET in Kaliningrad and I intend to return. It was the best decision I made in regards to learning a second language.

Thank you very Much! Kasia

25.06.2007 – 08.07.07 

Я очень довольна. Всё хорошо организовано и моя хозяйка очень милая женщина, которая так вкусно варит, что у меня на несколько килограммов больше, чем 2 недели тому назад.

Экскурсии тоже были интересные, потому что экскурсовод-водитель - врач, очень много знает о истории и интересных местах.

Наша учительница тоже очень милая женщина, которая с большим терпением объясняла трудности русского языка.

24.06.07 – 07.07.07

Thank you very much for the 2 weeks! It was a pleasure to be here.

I liked the lessons and Inga’s way of teaching. Our group worked well together. I especially liked the mix of grammar and speaking. We also learned a lot about Russian culture. However, I think this cowed be even more integrated into the lessons.

30.07.2007 - 26.08.2007 

Liebes Privet-Team,

zunächst möchte ich mich herzlich für die schöne Zeit in Kaliningrad bedanken. Mein Aufenthalt hat in jeder Hinsicht meine Erwartungen übertroffen – organisatorisch, administrativ, aber vor allem der Unterricht, die Unterkunft & die Stadt selbst. Ebenso möchte ich die Exkursionen mit Sergei lobenswert hervorheben. Anregungen & Ratschläge kann ich daher nur in allgemeiner Form geben & nicht direkt auf meinen Aufenthalt & Erfahrungen bezogen.