USA – Chicago
12.01.2007 – 4.02.2007

I have studied in Kaliningrad at the Privet School twice: once is June 2004 for four weeks and in January 2006 for three weeks. My Russian has improved tremendously. I have increased my ability to speak Russian and not just memorize grammar. A chief benefit of studying at Privet is that Kaliningrad is a manageable city. Public transportation is very reliable and the school and student apartment are an easy walk to the center of the city. You wont hear English on the streets (maybe a little German or Polish) so if you are a native English speaker like I am you are given many opportunities to converse – in the grocery store, on the bus, or in the theatre.

 Kaliningraders are helpful and curious and they will try hard to understand the sometimes broken phrases of Russian you attempt! I stayed at a fine guest house very close to the school. They student apartment is an excellent option. It’s completely renovated to European standards. My summer is Kaliningrad was memorable. The weather was beautiful. If you can, however, come to Kaliningrad in the winter! It is crisp and cold (but often warm and sunny) and when the snow falls, the city is transformed into a lovely place. The sky is magnificent and full of daily variety of enormous cloud formations rolling in of the Baltic Sea.

I am eager to return!