Feedback 2005

13.11.2005 – 19.11.2005

My original target was to brush-up my almost non-existent Russian-language a bit and specially learn batch of Russian-phrases that would help my everyday-life when travelling around the country. After the one week intensive first level grammar studies, I was convinced that I got lot more.

14.08.2005 – 27.08.2005

My overall impression of the school was very good. My teachers (Irina, Inga and once Marina) were motivated and good, even if I was a difficult student.

The organized excursions with Sergej were outstanding. He is the great guide with the enormous knowledge of the region Kaliningrad.

21.08.05 - 05.09.05

Дорогие ПРИВЕТские!

Я благополучно вернулся в Штутгарт. Только поездка была немного долгая: почти 23 часа. Польские таможенники осматривали людей, паспорта и в особенности багаж очень основательно; мы ждали на границе часа 2. Итак, после поездки я немного устал и только сейчас разбудил свой компьютер.

25.07.2005 - 22.08.2005

My dear friends from Privet School,

I think that my last letter didn't arrive to you I hope this one does...

How are you? I hope so well. I am very well myself. My trip back to Spain was perfect thanks to your help. A bit long though. Maybe in the future they may put more flights going to Kaliningrad and that improvement is going to make a big change for the tourists and students going there. Also for the Russian people.

Zwei Wochen im März 2005

Organisation: hervorragend. Transfer vom/zum Bahnhof - Transfer von/zur Schule. Einweisung Stadt/zentrale Punkte. Ausflüge Kurische Nehrung/Haff hervorragend - Stadtrundfahrt hervorragend. Die interessansten Punkte wurde zielgerecht angesteuert und gezeigt. Uber die Kurische Nehrung könnte man fast ein Buch verfassen, so begeistert waren wir von dem Ausflüg einschliesslich des Super-Fischlokal.

07. June - 20. June 2005

On the excursions

I am very pleased with my stay in every way: the tuition was excellent, Marina was a outstanding teacher! Besides, the apartment was perfect, the organization and excursions too. It will be very hard to find the important since it seems to be unnecessary.

8. June - 18. July 2005

I have really enjoyed my stay in Kaliningrad, mostly because Privet has been a wonderful place to study. Inga is an amazing, patient, compassionate teacher, and I was very pleased to work with her. The facilities of the school are also exceptional. I think that the greatest advantage of Privet is its small size and informal atmosphere. Thank you so much for all of the personal attention and all of the help you gave me during my time here.

Summer School July 2005 10. July - 31. July 2005

My stay in Kaliningrad was quite simply one of the best holidays I have ever had. Before I arrived I did not know much about either the city or the school, but almost immediately realised I had made a good choice in deciding to study Russian with Privet in Kaliningrad. I stayed with a friendly host family in a house about three minutes walk from the school. The accommodation and food were good, the location superb.

Summer School August 2005
31. July - 21. August 2005

A very good place to learn Russian! Marina, the teacher was simply great. She should really write the Russian grammar book for foreigner students. Her way of teaching is useful and it helped me so much in solving some problems I had before coming here.

Sommer 2005

Scheu von der Sprache loszuwerden

Hallo liebes Privet - Team,

als Teilnehmer des Sommerkurses 2005 in Eurer Schule möchte ich mich recht herzlich fur alles bedanken. Es war ein unvergessendes Erlebnis mit einen sehr guten Lernergebnis.