General information about courses at Privet! Russian Language School

Teachers of Russian employed by the school are real professionals with special university degrees and extensive experience in teaching Russian to foreign students, people with fantasy and a good sense of humor.

The courses are based on a set of study books, i.e. textbooks, workbooks, copies and CDs, added by a number of supplementary materials. Our courses cover all linguistic aspects. In just a few weeks you'll be able to estimate your progress in Russian, enlarge your vocabulary and brush up your grammar. Choose Privet! to learn Russian and you will improve your pronunciation and start speaking more fluently. Experience shows that a 4-weeks' immersion in a native-speaking environment would suffice to overcome the language barrier.

Assessment Test

On the first day of the course you will assess your language level and point out the gaps in your knowledge. Your Russian training course will be adapted to your specific needs, especially if you choose an individual course.

Define your level

ADVANCED (C1) You use Russian in a wide range of situations. You can devote your time to expanding you active vocabulary with specific and professional terminology as per your needs. Improve your conversational skills, learn new speech patterns, read Russian books in original!
UPPER INTERMEDIATE (B2) Your Russian is fluent enough, but there's still little confidence in your skills. You will learn how to conduct discussions and negotiations in Russian. Work on complex grammar aspects, enrich your vocabulary and improve your speech accuracy!
INTERMEDIATE (B1) You are able to make everyday conversations. You will develop your fluency, i.e. you will speak quicker and more accurate. Work on your grammar and enlarge your word-stock!
LOWER INTERMEDIATE (A2) You understand Russian in basic situations, but you are restricted in expressing your own thoughts. You have fair knowledge of Russian necessary to communicate in everyday life. You want to work on grammar, vocabulary and develop your understanding of oral speech.
BEGINNER'S (A1) You have a small stock of vocabulary, communication skills, and grammatical structures. You will no longer be a beginner by the time of your departure from Kaliningrad!
ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S (A0) You know just a few words. For example, the word 'privet'!

Your course preferences

The team of "Privet!" makes a strong emphasis on maximum attention to individual needs of every student. We will take into account all your wishes and preferences regarding your course content as well as accommodation, duration of the course, excursions, cultural programs, travel arrangements and so on. Please contact us and learn to speak Russian in accordance with your personal needs and preferences!

Arriving in Kaliningrad

Our courses usually start on Monday. That is why it is better if you arrive on Sunday, so that we can smoothly arrange your lodging and registration, etc. On your arrival, we will take you to your place of residence. Your course will start on Monday.

Tuition timetable

One lesson lasts an academic hour. An academic hour is 45 minutes. Standard course classes usually take place in the mornings; individual lessons are scheduled according to your wishes. The School retains its right to cancel classes on Russian national holidays. In this case, these teaching hours will be postponed until the next day after a holiday and appended to a normal schedule or will be offered a day prior to a holiday.

Interruption / Discontinuance / Absence

Interruption must be communicated in writing at least a week in advance. Under no circumstances does the participant have the right to reclaim a total fee. A partial reimbursement is at the discretion of the school. Late arrivals or absences during the course for which the school cannot be held responsible, will not be reimbursed. Absences can be compensated through additional lessons at extra cost only. If you take an individual course, you have to communicate your absence at least two days in advance to be entitled to reschedule the lessons.


At the end of the course all participants will receive a certificate issued by the School. Certificates will be drawn in two originals - in Russian and in English (or in German as per your choice). Advanced long-term students have an opportunity to prepare and take a 1st Certificate Test of Russian.