You will have many places to visit in Kaliningrad! We will show you our best museums and guide you though Russian theater and cultural life!

You can visit the Regional History and Art Museum, situated in a beautiful building right by the pond called Nizhny Prud. The museum has several affiliates, the most important of them are the 'Blindage' and the 'Fifth Fortress'. The Museum of Amber has the world's most unique collection of amber and jewelries. You should definitely visit this museum. The Art Gallery with its eight exhibition halls is worth seeing too.

You might want to visit the Museum of World's Ocean, the only museum of this type in Russia. You will step on the legendary research ship 'Vityaz', which is moored idle and is now a museum piece. Onboard the "Vityaz" there's a splendid collection of the material and photographs of the underwater world, including various gizmos and devices, replicas and originals.

The Botanical Garden is open to public all year round and cherishes a collection of more than 3 thousand outdoor plant species and about a thousand indoor plants grown in nurseries. The Kaliningrad Zoo, which is more than a hundred years old, houses 400 animal species and 150 types of rare plants.

The Kaliningrad Drama Theatre was opened back in 1947. There are a number of other theatres in the city. Among of them is a well-known 'Tilzit-teatr' located in Sovietsk, who gained recognition in Russia and Europe. Upon your request, we can arrange a visit to it to see one of its wonderful performances. There are two concert organ-halls, one in Kaliningrad and another in Svetlogorsk. So, learning Russian with "Privet!" in Kaliningrad will bring you a lot of joy and fun!