On your wish, we will fill in your afternoon hours with cultural program after the language classes.

We will show you the evening and night life of the city and arrange a massive entertainment program at the weekends.

We will take you on a trip in and around Kaliningrad and visit museums, theaters, art galleries, etc. You will experience an overwhelming atmosphere and a breath-taking rhythm of Kaliningrad disco and night clubs! A standard course includes a tour of Kaliningrad (4 hours). Day's excursion to the coast will cost about 20 Euros. We will see the pearl of the Baltic Sea - the National Park 'Curonian Spit'. You will enjoy the sand dunes and pines on this narrow strip (from 400 to 2000 meters wide) of land between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian gulf, stretching over 90 kilometers. And finally, we will take you to Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk - our resort centers. If you stay longer with us, you will be able to embark on additional tours of the Kaliningrad region. There will be definitely no time for boredom!

We would be happy to know you have made new friends while staying in Russia. On our part, we will find you a tandem-partner (she/he will be learning your language while you will be learning Russian), who might also become one of your friends.

Places to go and sightsee:

  • Kaliningrad Tour - (explore the city walking or by car);
  • The Amber Museum;
  • The World's Ocean Museum - a wonderful museum with a legendary research ship the Vityaz (James Cameroon, who filmed 'Titanic' onboard the Akademik Keldysh - another research ship that took over the Vityaz - loves to visit this museum every time he's in Kaliningrad);
  • The Curonian Spit - the National Park under UNESCO protection, the most beautiful place in the world as many Kaliningrad citizens think (The team of "Privet!" have absolutely no doubts about that!);
  • Svetlogorsk - a resort town on the Baltic coast;
  • Zelenogradsk - another resort town on the Baltic coast;
  • Baltiysk - Russia's Navy base on the Baltic Sea;
  • Tours of the Kaliningrad Region's eastern parts - Chernyachovsk, Pravdinsk, Zheleznodorozhny.

Tell us where you would like to go - and we will go there!

Assistance in organizing your trip to Poland and Lithuania

One of the advantages of a Russian course in Kaliningrad is that it presents you with a superb opportunity to also see Poland and Lithuania. The Kaliningrad Region is situated between Poland and Lithuania. It lies within a few hours drive from such Polish cities as Gdansk, Warsaw, Elblong, Malbork and such Lithuanian cities as Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Palanga, and Nida. We will gladly assist you in organizing a short trip to any of these locations. For example, a day's trip to Klaipeda and Nida across the Russian and Lithuanian lands of the Curonian Spit will be most enjoyable. Please inform us in advance of your wish to include this trip in your program when booking a course. We need to have this information in hand, so we could send you an invitation for your double-entry Russian visa. A double-entry visa is imperative, as long as when you leave Kaliningrad and enter Poland or Lithuania your one open entry expires automatically and you'd need to use another entry to return to Kaliningrad. This only applies in the event you want to re-enter Russia. However, you might not need your visa at all if you want to go directly to Poland and Lithuania, as these countries do not require visa procedures for the EU and US citizens.