Here you can find information about some towns in Kaliningrad Region.



Svetlogorsk is a largest resort town on the Baltic coast in Kaliningrad Region. It is located directly on the coast 40 kilometers away from Kaliningrad. Svetlogorsk has about 11 thousand inhabitants. Most of them are employed in the tourist industry. There are no industrial plants in and around Svetlogorsk.

Svetlogorsk has its own face. It is located on the hills. The slopes of the coast are steep but well equipped. There are a lift and a cableway leading to the beaches. The town is very green, so a walk through the town resembles a walk through a botanical garden. There are many trees and all sorts of plants from all over the world.

The buildings of the town are in good condition. There are a lot of new buildings as well. In fact, Svetlogorsk became an attractive place for investments in the last years. The town authorities and architects strive to reconcile old and new elements of the town - not without success. Almost all streets lead to the beaches. Three from seven roads ends on thepromenade with many street cafes, restaurants, and amber salespersons that offer very good prices (bargain a bit before you buy, you will get 5-20% off the price they originally demand). The central staircase with more than 300 stairs leads to the biggest in Europe sunstones with zodiac symbolic.

Svetlogorsk is good for resort treatment. Everything plays its role: water, sun, very clean air with high concentration of iodine, mud as well as qualified personnel in many medical facilities. The best times for a resort treatment are spring and fall: The iodine concentration in the air is higher, the prices are lower.

There are many places for a tour or for a walk: Hermann Brachert Museum, Forest Museum, Culture Park, Organ Hall (the only private organ hall in Russia, built in 1995). There are also a lot of places for active vacations: tennis courts (open air an inside), sport complex "Olympus", boats, catamarans, and speedboats.

Svetlogorsk becomes more beautiful and comfortable with every year. It acquires new hotels and guest houses and develops town infrastructure quickly.


Zelenogradsk is located on the Baltic Sea coast approximately 30 kilometers away from Kaliningrad. The population of the town is small, around 7 thousand. It doubles in the season.

Unlike Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk is flat, there are no heels. The streets of Zelenogradsk literally jump in directly on the beach. The beaches in Zelenogradsk are very good: long, wide, with clean white sand. There are also so-called "frying pans" (skovorodki), i.e. parts of the beach hidden from the wind by small dunes. There one can enjoy the sun already in April or late in October. The Curonian Spit is only four kilometers away from Zelenogradsk.

Curonian Spit


If you have a look at the map of the Kaliningrad Region, you will notice a spit going northwest. It is a Curonian Spit, a long and narrow strip of land dividing Curonian Gulf and the Baltic Sea. The width of the Spit is 400 meters to 3 kilometers. The length is about 100 kilometers. First half of it belongs to Russia and second half to Lithuania. It is a Russian National Park.

The main attraction of the Curonian Spit is its sand dunes, among the highest in Europe. One has a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea, Curonian Spit, Curonian Gulf, and the land behind staying at the top of the dunes that are 60 meters high.

Curonian Spit is a good place to have a quiet walk. There are just a few fisher villages on the Russian side of the Spit. Good weather is characteristic for the Spit because of a special microclimate. The Curonian Spit is covered with pine forest. The odour is indescribable: pines, sand, sun, and the sea mix together.