On this page you find some useful online reference sources for you to become your Russian learning at home even faster and more effective!

Using Russian reference books and other reference sources is one of the best ways to improve your Russian knowledge. Web sources are absolutely free and available anywhere, anytime and at any place in the world. Be online and use thair.


This is an online reference source that has gathered all the rules of the Russian language in one place. The website is characterized by brevity and conciseness, so that you can remember large amounts of information and easily learn even complex rules.


This website created by designer and blogger Ilya Birman. The main advantage of this web publication is a quick and convenient search, which makes learning Russian online more accessible. All spelling and punctuation rules are well structured, so it’s easy to find the right information.


The most popular resource for those who are interested in learning the Russian language. Most often, this reference and information portal is used to quickly check the spelling and check the accent. In addition, on the site you can study theory - a set of spelling and punctuation rules - and complete assignments for mastering the material.


Computer-based checking of punctuation, grammar and style. Also finds very complex errors. Simply insert your text and get a detailed analysis with correction tips.


On this website you can learn all the basic language rules and you can find many materials not only for classic Russian lessons, but also for Russian literature.


A wonderful internet resource for those who want to test their Russian skills without leaving home. Nobody who reads the text? No problem. Here you only have to insert letters and punctuation marks in the gaps.

Every month, on the anniversary of an outstanding Russian writer or poet, a new dictation appears on the website, based on the works of the author of the day. So you can find out how well you can read and write by writing a text about the 145th anniversary of Bunin or the 125th birthday of Bulgakov.

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