Welcome to "PRIVET!" - a School of the Russian Language in Kaliningrad, Russia!

"PRIVET!" is a school of the Russian language for foreigners, where every guest who comes to learn Russian is guaranteed maximum personal attention. "PRIVET!" is the word used in Russia to greet friends!

Privet! Founders 

Irina and Evgeny Vinokurovs

Advantages of learning Russian with "Privet!" in Kaliningrad:

Russian Language School "PRIVET!" does its best to serve your needs and preferences in learning Russian. We enroll not more than 20 persons concurrently, so that we have time for each student individually. Whether you want to study the Russian alphabet, read the Russian literature in original or be confident with your business Russian, we will arrange your individual, mini-group, or group course specifically for you to help you make the most of your Russian lessons.

  • Language School Privet! offers a perfect combination of a high level service, absolute personal attention, and more than competitive prices. We specialize in making tailor-made arrangements to satisfy your needs while keeping prices as low as possible. Learn Russian efficiently!
  • Kaliningrad is in the heart of Europe. Today it is surrounded by the new European Union member states and is perfectly located to act as a centre of communication and exchange between Russia and the EU. You can use planes, trains, international coaches, ferries to reach Kaliningrad. You also have a unique option to choose a local minivan "door-to-door" service: a minibus will come to your door and bring you all the way to Kaliningrad! You can also drive your car (580 kilometers from Berlin to Kaliningrad). We provide visa support.
  • Our teachers of Russian are real professionals with extensive experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language. You can start with the Russian alphabet, if needed, and go all the way to the top! Visit our language school for a language course in Conversational Russian or Business Russian, set your preferences yourself! Learn Russian in Kaliningrad and speak Russian fluently!
  • Kaliningrad is a very green Russian city with a high security level. Life in Kaliningrad is substantially less expensive than in the Russian capitals. Also, Kaliningrad people speak standard Russian language without any specific local accent. Learn Russian in Russia - in Kaliningrad!