Are you looking for the Russian language courses in Russia? Or would you like to travel in Russia?

We offer you the assistance in organizing of your tour in Russia. You can study Russian in Kaliningrad and then go for a trip in any other Russian city!

Russian lessons in Russia


Travelling through Russia is a good way to learn Russian language, Russian culture and the Russian style of life. We are ready to support you in preparing your Russia journey!

You want to study Russian in Kaliningrad and then go and visit Moscow or Saint-Petersburg or other Russian cities? There's nothing impossible. 

We will assist you in planning out your tour in Russia at the end of the course.

Study Russian language and travel in Russia!

Example: Learn Russian in a 2-weeks Mini-Group Standard Russian Course

Course price will be calculated individually depending on your preferences by the choice of accommodation and edditional services 

The course includes:

  • 20 hours of mini-group Russian tuition a week;
  • Accommodation in a student's apartment, a host family with/without meals or rented apartment;
  • Service kit (enrollment fee - includes school’s administrative fee, school's invitation letter, teaching materials, 1 excursion with a guide in Kaliningrad or Region, general information about Kaliningrad, city map etc).
  • Registration by the Federal Migration Service;
  • Transfers from/to Kaliningrdad's airport/bus station;
  • individual planning from your Russian trip - booking from hotels, air bus and train tickets, excursions etc.
Please contact us to find out more about your Russian course! 


 Russian courses in Russia


 Russian classes in Russia


study Russian and travel


Russian language in Kaliningrad


Please note:

Russian classes in mini-groups can be supplemented by any number of individual hours. You can learn Russian taking both group and individual lessons. 

Besides, the School can organize mini-group courses of any desired intensity and length for organized groups.

Additional individual Russian lessons

PRIVET! aims at offering you the maximum number of choices for your Russian Language Courses.

You can study Russian combining any Mini-Group or Group Course with any number of hours of individual lessons.

It's up to you to decide how many additional hours you want to take.

An academic hour lasts 45 minutes and costs €15.