You will need a visa to enter Russia. In order to obtain a visa you will need to get an official invitation from us.

If you already have your visa, please send its scanned copy to our email:

Participants of the courses must follow the rules of entry to Russia and visa regulations. We will send you a letter of official invitation for your Russian visa to be obtained at the Russian embassy or consulate in your country. In order we could do this, you need to fill out our enrollment form, and send it to us. We also need a copy of your international (foreign) passport, i.e. pages with your personal data and your photo, and, if prolonged, with a prolongation stamp.

You can post us your passport copies or e-mail  them to us. In the enrollment form, please fill in the fields requiring information on your present place of work or study, its valid address and your position. For longer stays, we need to know the country and region of your birth as well as the country and region of your permanent residence. Additionally, we would kindly ask you to state which embassy/consulate (city and state) you are planning to address and submit your visa application to. Remember to state the dates of your stay in Russia (arrival and departure). Your visa will be valid only within the specified period of time.

While planning out your trip, please take into account that visa procedures might take some time, especially if you intend to send the papers by regular mail. We recommend that you should submit the relevant information along with the enrollment form several months prior to the intended date of arrival in Kaliningrad.
We will arrange your invitation as quickly as possible and send it over to you by either e-mail or by fax and by regular mail pending the requirements of the Russian embassy in your country. You will have to submit the invitation to the Russian embassy or consulate along with your international passport original plus one or three photographs depending on the embassy's/consulate's requirements. Besides, you might be asked for your insurance proof. Please be ready to pay a consulate fee. This fee may vary depending on the embassy's/consulate's tariffs and the speed of visa processing.
We can prolong your visa while you are in Kaliningrad, but it may present certain difficulties. We kindly ask you to state the length of your stay in Russia in advance and to communicate it to us when placing your order. Moreover, it's important that you bear in mind geographical detachment of the Kaliningrad region from mainland Russia. Therefore if you plan to leave Kaliningrad, i.e. the Russian territory, and then re-enter it or continue exploring Russia after Poland or Lithuania, you will need to apply for a double or multiple entry visa. Single entry visa would suffice to fly from Kaliningrad directly to Russia.
If you are planning a day's trip to Poland or Lithuania while undergoing your Russian course, please let us know in advance. We will send you an invitation for your double-entry visa.

Visa Processing - easy and quick!

Our partners from Russland Reisen Romanova can solve the Russian visa matter for every citizen of European Union in a short time. All you need to do is to send them your valid passport and photos. You can contact them directly:


Free first aid medical assistance is guaranteed in Russia. However, proof of health insurance is required to receive a Russian visa. On submitting your visa application to the Russian embassy/consulate, you may be asked to verify your health insurance. We can arrange basic insurance in Kaliningrad at the price of approx. 1 euro per day of your stay. The proof of coverage will be sent to you. Otherwise, you can have your health insurance provided by any of the insuring companies listed by the Russian embassy/consulate located in your country.

Registration upon arrival in Kaliningrad

It is compulsory to undergo registration procedures at the Visa Registration Department within three days upon arrival in Russia. We will do it for you.
Please check the following websites to locate the nearest Russian Consulate. You can find all further information about obtaining your visa on those websites (including visa rates, application form downloads, etc.)
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