Are you interested in studying Russian language abroad? Do you want to speak Russian language?

Learn Russian language in a Mini-Group course of 2-6 students! The best choice to effectively practice both your speaking and writing abilities!

We will show you the easiest way to learn Russian!

Study Russian in Russia

If you prefer to learn Russian in a group and to receive maximum personal attention from your teacher at the same time, you may choose to take a Russian language course in a mini-group of 2-6 students.

Minimal length is two weeks, all levels, minimal age - 16 years.

Below you will find an example of a Mini-Group Russian language course.

Example: Learn Russian in a 2-weeks Mini-Group Intensive Course

Course price from € 1110


  • 30 hours of mini-group Russian tuition a week;
  • Accommodation in a student's apartment, a host family with/without meals or rented apartment;
  • Service kit (enrollment fee - includes school’s administrative fee, school's invitation letter,  teaching materials, general information about Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad’s city map, one excursion with a guide in Kaliningrad or region; state registration, airport transfers both ways, etc).

Please contact us to find out more about your Russian course!

Mini-Group Russian courses availabilities:

  • Standard intensity of the Russian course is 20 lessons (a 45 minutes) per week.
  • Intensive Russian course is 30 or 40 lessons (a 45 minutes) per week. 
Learn Russian in Russia with a maximum of communication and pleasure!

Please note:

One-week Russian course price with 20 hours of tuition is € 220. One-week Intensive Russian course price with 30 hours of tuition is € 330.

Russian classes in mini-groups can be supplemented by any number of individual Russian lessons. You can learn Russian taking both group and individual lessons. 

Besides, the School can organize mini-group Russian courses of any desired intensity and length for organized groups.

 Study Russian abroad

 Russian language in Russia

Additional individual Russian lessons

PRIVET! aims at offering you the maximum number of choices for your Russian Language Courses. You can learn Russian combining any Mini-Group or Group Course with any number of hours of individual lessons. It's up to you to decide how many additional hours you want to take.

Please note: 

An academic hour lasts 45 minutes and costs €15

On-line mini-group Russian language courses on Skype:

  • Do you have no time to travel? 
  • Do you plan to visit Russia but need a Russian language course to refresh your Russian language skills?
  • Would you like to attand a Russian course with your friends or husband or wife without leaving home?
  • Should we find a mini-group partner for you?
Please tell us your Russian level and we organize the on-line Russian language course in a mini-group for you.
Here you find our Russian language test. Please fill it out and send it back to us.

Our on-line Russian language course in a Mini-Group on Skype makes learning Russian language without leaving home possible! 

We offer:

  • Russian language courses for all levels.
  • One on-line Russian lesson in a mini-group takes 45 minutes and costs 7 Euro per person. 
  • We create an individual Russian lessons program for your mini-group Russian course.
  • Our suggestion is two lessons on two days (morning, noon or evening) weekly.

Please contact us to receive more information about your on-line Russian course! And learn Russian language in a Mini-Group on-line effectively!

Here you find our Public Offer for the Russian courses on Skype.