Are you looking for the Russian language tuition in native country? 

Are you interested in learning Russian language fast?

Individual Russian language course is one of the most effective ways to study Russian in Russia!

Visit our school in Kaliningrad and learn to speak Russian!


learn to speak russian

We enable you to choose for yourself the number of hours per week (we recommend 20 to 40 hours for your individual Russian language lessons, depending on a desired intensity level).

You are totally free to determine the Russian language course length.

The program of the Russian course will be adapted to suit your personal preferences and goals - from Russian alphabet to Dostoyevsky or trade negotiations with Russian partners!

Russian Language School Privet! positions itself as an expert in providing individual Russian language courses. It's our strong side to focus on servicing and meeting individual preferences of our clients.

The School offers highly competitive prices for the Individual Russian language classes.


Advantages of the Individual Russian language courses:

  • You can choose the number of Russian classes per week yourself;
  • You are free to determine the total length of the Russian course - from one week to many months;
  • You can start your Russian lessons at any desired date;
  • The Russian course's content will be carefully adapted to suit your individual preferences and goals;
  • Russian lessons can be conducted in your house (host family, guest house, apartment);
  • You will be able to appoint the time for the Russian lessons yourself;
  • And finally, you'll be able to take part in all activities of the School.
 learn russian in Russia

Example: Individual Russian Course

  • Course price for two weeks from € 640
  • Course price for three weeks from € 910
  • Course price for four weeks from € 1180


  • 20 or 30 hours of individual Russian language tuition a week;
  • School's invitation letter,  course materials, one excursion with a guide in Kaliningrad or region; registration at Federal Migration Service of Russia; personal support by school.

 Please contact us to find out more about your Russian course!