We offer Long Term Courses for students interested in learning Russian language in Kaliningrad for longer period of time. 

study Russian in Russia

Are you interested in learning Russian language over the longer period of time? We make it possible!

Stay in Kaliningrad for 3, 6, 9 months or one year and improve your Russian language and learn more about Russian traditions, culture and style of life!

Levels: all levels.

Minimal age - 16 years.

Advantages of Long Term Russian Language Courses in Kaliningrad

  • The Long Term Course in Kaliningrad is the best choise for studying Standard Russian language in the most western region of Russia. The people in Kaliningrad speak Standard Russian language without specific accent. 
  • We offer the TRKI preparation programs. The Long Term Course is a good possibility to attend it. More information about the current TRKI prices you find here.

Please contact us to find out more about your Russian language course!

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 Please note:

Russian classes in mini-groups can be supplemented by any number of individual hours. You can learn Russian taking both group and individual Russian lessons. 

Individual Russian lessons

PRIVET! aims at offering you the maximum number of choices for your Russian Language Courses.

You can learn Russian combining any Mini-Group or Group Russian Course with any number of hours of individual lessons.

It's up to you to decide how many additional hours you want to take.

An academic hour lasts 45 minutes and costs €15.