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Discover the fastest way to learn Russian with our All-Inclusive Russian Skype course. Whether you want to start with the Russian alphabet and learn the basics, or advanced phrases to discuss more complicated topics, our course has got you covered.

If you want to take a trip to Russia, look no further than our Russian Culture School and Russian for Travel course. Learn the basics about Russian traditions and all the essential phrases you’ll need to live your best life on your Russian trip – from asking for directions and making reservations to ordering the regional specialty.

Russian Live Course - How does is work?

  • You will also need computer with headphones and microphone or a smartphone.
  • You will communicate with the teacher Live via Skype supplementing it by chat and file exchange.
  • The course program and schedule is flexible to suit your preferences and goals.
  • You may choose Individual Live Skype lessons or our Group Russian course Online Live.
  • Free Trial Lesson Live with our English or German speaking teacher.

Exceed all of your learning expectations with a teacher who’s friendly, always there to help you improve and happy to see you!

During your Free Trial Lesson Live, prepare to have a lot of questions about what you are using Russian for and about the goals you have. The tutor will also listen to the way you speak to evaluate vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation to gauge the problem areas and make coaching recommendations. Choose our Russian tutors who’s dedicated to helping each student individually.

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Learn Russian Online Live at Russian school in Russia.

The online Russian course is based on the IT-program Skype which can be found at Skype. Downloading Skype is free.

Talking to us though Skype will be free for you, too.


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