Russian "Island" in the European Union.

The Kaliningrad Region is a part of the Russian Federation located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It borders with Poland in the south and the west and Lithuania - in the north and the east. Kaliningrad is a Russian exclave. It's Russia's western-most region fully detached from the main land by the territories of the foreign states and the sea. This unique geographical position of the Kaliningrad region impacts all sides of life in Kaliningrad: economy, culture, work and leisure, life style and future plans. At the same time, Kaliningrad is a part of Russia and Kaliningrad citizens represent Russian population with Russian origin. Kaliningrad is a quiet and rather secure Russian city. Much owing to the vicinity of the European states as well as intensive contacts with the surrounding countries, Kaliningrad has grown into a territory of friendliness and tolerance to newcomers and migrants. The population of the Kaliningrad Region has been historically formed as a result of a massive migration of people from all over the Soviet Union. Educational level of the population is rather high. People speak standard Russian language without any specific local accent. Life in Kaliningrad is considerably cheaper than in Moscow or in St.-Petersburg. This means that you would spend less money on your stay in Kaliningrad. However, this will not affect the quality of the service we offer, nor will it tell on the overall impression and the positive experience you get after taking a Russian course in Kaliningrad.

Learning Russian in a Perfect Environment

Obviously, learning a foreign language yields best results when it's done in a native-speaking environment, i.e. in the country where everybody speaks the language you are mastering. No doubt, you may well learn Russian at home attending courses and taking private lessons. It is a good way to begin your study, too. But the most effective way to learn Russian language is to visit Russia. You will communicate the whole day long with Russians and get a grip on all aspects of the Russian language more quickly and thoroughly. The language barrier will be broken once and forever.

You will be learning the language not only during the lessons, but also at breakfasts in your host family, during excursions, at the theatre or in a club and even… in your sleep!

Besides perfecting your Russian, you will gain new cultural experience and learn so much more about Russians, their culture, customs, and ways of life.

We will take all pains possible to make this journey to Kaliningrad pleasant and unforgettable for you. Our team is always ready to come and help sort out any problems 24 hours a day. Learn to speak Russian in Kaliningrad!