Jul 05 – Jul 23 2010

I have to say that I’m generally very pleased with my course – the staff is very friendly, especially I like Inga a lot – she was great to work with in my individual lessons :-) They all together make you feel as a part of a big family – they were trying their best to make us feel good and “happy”, for instance, I was very pleased about how my “problem of being bored in a class” was solved.

I also like how the classes are small (mach smaller then in some courses I have been to before), so we all got a chance to get to know each other well enough.

Overall, Irina and Anton were always helpful and there for as if we had same questions/ problems, and my other teacher, Marina, had always anecdotes to tell and ready to laugh with as.

The only “comment” – a serious one I’d have about the speed which we worked with – for me it was a bit too slow (in a group), but for my classmates it may have been too much information, since we come from different backgrounds (Slavic, Germanic, Romanic …) And perhaps it would be good if you had test at the beginning of each course (on grammar) – this way perhaps, it would be easier to make groups.

But as I said, I am happy about my choice and have enjoyed Kaliningrad a lot.

Спасибо большое! :-)