Dear friends! 

  • Do you have no time to travel? 
  • Do you plan to visit Russia but need a Russian language course to refresh your Russian language skills?
  • Would you like to attand a Russian course with your friends or husband or wife without leaving home?
  • Should we find a mini-group partner for you?
Please tell us your Russian level and we organize the on-line Russian language course in a mini-group for you.
Here you find our Russian language test. Please fill it out and send it back to us.

Our on-line Russian language course in a Mini-Group on Skype makes learning Russian language without leaving home possible! 

We offer:

  • Russian language courses for all levels.
  • One on-line lesson in a mini-group takes 45 minutes and costs 7 Euro per person. 
  • We create an individual lessons plan for your mini-group course.
  • Our suggestion is two lessons on two days (morning, noon or evening) weekly.

Please contact us to receive more information about your on-line Russian course! And learn Russian language in a Mini-Group on-line effectively!

Here you find our Public Offer for the Russian courses on Skype.